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Detailed description services by activity.


A broom and a shovel are in the cupboard which is on the left at the bottom of the TOILET. The vacuum cleaner is in the cupboard with flexible doors in the living room.

Kitchen use.

The electrical equipment’s are easy to use.

We shall introduce them at your arrival.

Bathroom use.

Bathroom at The bottom:

To use “Italian shower”, turn the left tap: up for the big apple shower (rain) and downwards for the small shower.

Washing and drying machine: see special chip.

Bathroom at The top:

Shower musical and choreographic ambience (game lights).

See detailed description in annex for the use of the shower "Infinity version brumisante" .

The Phone.

A mobile phone can be provided to you during your stay.

The detailed telephone noting down will be provided at the end of your stay and you will have to pay your phone use.


Free Wi-Fi.

You can also use the computer let at your disposal in the entrance of the shelter.

The heating and air-conditioning.

See the chip lasting development.

Drier with washing machine.

The washing machine and also a drying machine for the linen but for an economy energy measure prefer use dries towel in the bathroom to dry the linen or in Winter dry near the wood stove , and in summer, (on "Tancarville") on the terrace under the sun

An electrical flatiron and its table are available in the bedroom.

Safe enclosure.

A safe enclosure is at your disposal in the living room in the cupboard with flexible doors.

Combination is 0000 during your arrival. If you use it, change the combination following the procedure which is inside the safe enclosure.

Councils for winter activities.

Leave your ski boots and your skis in the entrance, into the pieces of furniture envisaged with this effect. (Site for 6 skis and a boardwalk of surfing.)

Games, cards and pounds are at your disposal into the angle cupboard in the bedroom 3.


Conseils divers.