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Implementation for lasting development.

Implementation of reduction of consumption of energy.

In Winter.

Light on and maintain fire in the wood stove.

Lighting sets are in the cupboard (with the flexible door) .

Wood is to be taken on the back terrace.

In Sumer.

Nights are cold in mountains;  choose to open windows  rather than to use air-conditioning.


All electrical lamps of the shelter are low consumption but however think of swtiching them off when you leave the shelter.

Implementation of selective sorting garbage.

Selective Sorting glass, paper, plastics and domestic garbage.

If you have bulky (example broken ski) we shall stock them until the date of passage of the bulky. (Twice a year)

Separated collective garbage cans are at your disposition behind the building of the town hall.


During your displacements in forest (or in the ski) you must bring back all your waste, we have the pleasure of going for a walk (or to ski) in a still virgin space.


Mesure pour le developpement durable.